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Who We Are


To be Parliament’s preferred and trusted source of information and knowledge.


The Library of Parliament contributes to Canadian parliamentary democracy by creating, managing and delivering authoritative, reliable and relevant information and knowledge for Parliament.

Strategic Outcome

An informed and accessible Parliament.

Organizational Structure

Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons

Vested with the direction and control of the Library of Parliament in accordance with the Parliament of Canada Act.

Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament

Composed of Senators and of Members of Parliament, responsible for advising the Speakers on the operations of the Library.

Parliamentary Librarian

Exercises control and management of the Library, and has the status of a Deputy Head, reporting to the two Speakers.

Service Areas

Parliamentary Information and Research Service

Provides parliamentarians with news, reference, research and analysis services and oversees the Library’s public education programs and the seminars for parliamentarians and their staff. This service area is also the steward for the Parliamentary Poet Laureate.

Information and Document Resource Service

Builds, manages, preserves and optimizes access to the Library’s resources and collections; compiles and disseminates historical information about Parliament and parliamentarians.

Business Support Services

Provides business support and services to the Library of Parliament.

What We Do

The Library of Parliament has five key responsibilities:

  1. Provide customized research and analysis to parliamentarians and their staff
  2. Supply parliamentarians, parliamentary committees and associations with the information they need to examine the issues of the day, consider legislation and hold the government accountable
  3. Preserve Parliament’s documentary heritage and ensure access to its collections
  4. Keep parliamentarians informed and up to date, and deliver relevant news and information
  5. Help parliamentarians inform Canadians about Parliament, its role and traditions, and the people and events that have shaped the institution since 1867

Who We Serve

  1. Parliamentarians and their staff
  2. Parliamentary committees and associations
  3. Organizations that support Parliament
  4. The Canadian public on behalf of parliamentarians

Corporate Documents

Access the Library’s Strategic Outlook, Annual Reports, Financial Statements and Proactive Disclosure of Contracts.

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