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William R. Young - Parliamentary Librarian

All of us at the Library of Parliament understand that Senators and MPs need authoritative, reliable and timely information to do their work. More and more, you and your colleagues tell us that you want expert advice and independent analysis on issues that could come up for debate. Our research service is here to provide it: in 2010–2011 we completed nearly 4,000 research requests and over 20,000 reference requests from our parliamentary clients.

With access to the Library’s extensive parliamentary collections, our economists, lawyers, librarians, scientists, and political and social policy experts can offer you customized, confidential briefings on complex policy issues. Whether you are conducting research for a speech in the Chamber, analyzing statistics for a committee hearing, or gathering information on constituency concerns, the Library is ready to assist you.

Our analysts share your parliamentary vantage point and work with you directly every day in your committee and association meetings. This unique relationship allows us to deliver services that respond to your specific needs. We understand the pressures on your time – you can count on us to provide completely impartial briefings in the right format, where and when you need them.

The pages that follow illustrate the kind of work we can do for you: 27 concise and easy-to-read briefings on subjects ranging from cybercrime to the impact of demographic changes on public policy. The issues are presented in summary form and represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our subject-matter expertise. We encourage you to contact our Central Enquiries Service at 613-995-1166 for further assistance with confidential verbal or written briefings, analysis or information.

The sheer volume of information presented at the beginning of a new Parliament may be stimulating, but taking it all in can be a challenge. We hope this publication gives you a good overview not only of today’s current and emerging issues, but also the skills and knowledge your Library offers for your use.

We look forward to serving you during the 41st Parliament!


William R. Young
Parliamentary Librarian

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