Civilian Dress Uniform

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Civilian dress uniform

This civilian dress uniform belonged to Joseph de la Broquerie Taché, the General Librarian of the Library of Parliament, from 1920 to 1932.

A label inside the tunic indicates that the uniform was made in October 1915 by Strickland and Sons in London, England. 

Considering the date of purchase and Mr. de la Broquerie Taché’s previous position as King’s printer which he occupied the year the suit was made, it is not known whether he purchased and wore it as part of either official position or at other formal events.

Given its heritage value, the uniform is carefully preserved with art and artefacts in the Library of Parliament’s Rare Book Room, where temperature, humidity, light and access are controlled. To preserve the uniform in ideal conditions, it has been given a conservation treatment. All items making up the uniform are wrapped and stored flat in acid-free paper and boxes.


The uniform includes a tunic, trousers, feather bonnet, scabbard, sword and holster.

  • The tunic is made of black wool and has a black silk lining. The velvet collar has gold detailing.
  • The trousers are also made of black wool and silk.
  • The bonnet has synthetic feathers and a gold chain.
  • The sword is made of silver with a D-guard handle made of a metallic material. As the sword is ceremonial, the blade is not sharp.
Civilian Dress Uniform : tunic and trousers
The tunic and the trousers
Civilian Dress Uniform : Black feather bonnet
Feather bonnet
Civilian Dress Uniform: sword is made of silver with a D-guard handle made of a metallic material