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Classroom activities

Parliament: The Classroom Experience

Take your students on the ultimate virtual field trip, in class or online. This unique experience brings them into the heart of Parliament in 360º video.

Please note that the VR Program has been postponed due to COVID-19.

8 to 12|QC Secondary II to CEGEP

Bill on the Hill >

Students choose a bill and follow it through the legislative process, making important decisions along the way.

5 to 8 | QC Grade 5 to Secondary II

Around Town: The Levels of Government >

Use this interactive game to teach your students about Canada’s levels of government and quiz them on the responsibilities of each one.

5 to 8|Grade 5 to Secondary II

Model Parliament Unit >

Transform your classroom into a parliamentary chamber. This comprehensive simulation resource includes procedural information, background lessons, student activities and scripts to enable students to accurately simulate a day in Canada's Parliament. A variety of assessment resources and marking grids are also provided.

10 to 12|QC Secondary cycles 1 + 2 and CEGEP

A Parliamentary Committee Simulation >

Act the part, analyze the legislation! This simulation activity allows students to propose and amend a mock bill in a committee setting.

4 to 6 and 9 to 11|QC Primary cycles 2 + 3 and Secondary cycles 1 + 2

Parliament in the News >

This resource uses news sources to familiarize students with different aspects of the Canadian parliamentary system.

7 to 12|QC Secondary cycles 1 + 2 and CEGEP