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Democracy in the Classroom: A Parliamentary Committee Simulation

Related Resources

General references on Parliament and committees

  1. How Canadians Govern Themselves, 7th ed. This guide to Canadian Government was written for student use by Senator Eugene Forsey  in 1982.
  2. Committees, Practical Guide (9th edition) House of Commons, October 2008. This guide provides a description of the operation of committees in the House of Commons.  It was written for the use of members of Parliament and the public.
  3. Fundamentals of Senate Committees: Committees Directorate, Senate of Canada, June 2010
  4. Parliament: An Overview. An introduction to the functions and history of Canada’s Parliament.

Current information on committees and legislation before Parliament

  1. LEGISinfo. A useful research tool for finding out about legislation currently before Parliament.

Specific information about committees:

  1. Senate committees
  2. House of Commons committees
  3. Joint committees

Video footage of a committee in action

  1. ParlVU
  2. CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel)

Other Resources

  1. Glossary of terms for intermediate students
  2. Model Parliament Unit for grades 10 - 12
  3. Professional development: Teachers Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy